Fjällbacka  Information 2020

Summer is here and we are ready to show you our lovely Fjällbacka.

The weather is exhilarating, strong winds, stunning colours and high clear air. Most shops and restaurants are  open.

Fjällbacka is a place full of history, good food, and excellent service.

Fjällbacka and Camilla Läckberg Murder Mystery Walks for large or small groups can be arranged all year.  Contact Kustguiden, info@kustguiden.eu or call Åsa on 0046 730206278. Or book online here. Or take a walk on your own, download the 2016 broschure  (pdf) to the right. On page 2 you will find a Läckberg walk with some of the murder sites.

The next guided walk around Fjällbacka is on the 6th of June 2020 .

If you need more information just ask and I will help you.


A boat trip can be arranged most days , call Åsa 0730206278. Dress varm.

Väderöarnas (weather islands) : 0525-32001
Fjällbacka guest harbour: 0707 403 685

Hans is  doing guided boat trips every day in the summer,call Åsa 0730206278.

Find information about Fjällbacka in our new travel guide published at Amazon. A Walk through Fjällbacka
http://tinyurl.com/zwpnmwt   $2,99


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