Ingrid Bergman in Fjällbacka

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She first arrived in Fjällbacka in March 1958, Lars Schmidt wanted to introduce her to his paradise on the Swedish west coast. His island Dannholmen.

Ingrid married Lars Schmidt in December 1958. Lars was a Swedish theatre impresario; he set up My Fair Lady in many countries as Ingrid Bergmanwell as Cat on hot tin roof. Lars first marriage had ended in divorce after their son’s death. In the early 50s Lars had taken some time off and gone sailing on the Swedish West Coast, where he found his paradise. The island of Dannholmen. The island belonged to Mr Egnell but Lars said, “if you ever sell it, contact me” In 1957 Lars Schmidt bought Dannholmen. The same year he brought Ingrid Bergman to the island and she fell in love with this stark, isolated piece of granite.

It was a huge event in Fjällbacka when Ingrid Bergman came. Fjällbacka at this time was a small quite fishing community, deeply religious. Divorce was not common and here comes the century’s most famous film star to stay for the summer! With her third husband! Amazing, Ingrid soon found the peace and quiet she was looking for in Fjällbacka. The villages had great respect for her privacy. It even went so far that Ingrid complained that nobody came calling! She joined the local sailing school run by Lasse Lundberg. He became a lifelong friend and taught Ingrid and her children to sail. Ingrid then arranged a sailing competition round Dannholmen, for the children in the sailing club every year. The prices were given out on Dannholmen by Ingrid herself.

We  also arrange 55 minute guided walks in  Fjällbacka. The guided tours cost 175 SEK/person and starts at the Tourist Information .

Lars Schmidt also bought a house outside Paris to be their winter home. Lars engaged a young Finish man , Paavo Turtiainen to help with their hectic life he soon became a fixture in the family, today he is a famous event planner in New York . Paavo helped Ingrid organiser her life in London after the divorce from Lars in 1975. Lars and Ingrid remained friends and Lars was with her when she died in London on the 29th of August 1982. Her ashes are spread around Dannholmen.

She came to Fjällbacka for the last time a couple of weeks before her death and it was her wish to do something for Fjällbacka. After her death Lars donated the bronze bust that hade once stood at Dannholmen to Fjällbacka. The bust was unveiled on the 5th of June 1983 by her children. 2015 an exhibition was opened of  unique photographs from her time in Fjällbacka.

Bergman won three Oscars Gaslight, Anastasia and Murder on the Orient Express.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]All tours must be prebooked. If we have to cancel a full refund will be made. Other times by arrangements  with the tourist office.

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